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How to Plan For the Unexpected on Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, and oftentimes it is, but that doesn’t mean that everything always goes exactly the way you imagined it in your head. When you’re working to coordinate guests, catering, decorations and entertainment, things can oftentimes go a little different than you had planned. So how can you work to expect the unexpected and prepare for little hiccups so they don’t end up ruining your big day? In today’s blog, we share some tips for preparing for the unexpected on your wedding day.

Planning For Potential Problems On Your Wedding Day

None of the following issues are a big deal as long as you are aware of their potential and you take a few steps to help mitigate their likelihood or prepare to audible in the event they occur. Here’s how to prepare for and expect the unexpected on your wedding day.

  • Bad Weather – We experience all four seasons here in Minnesota, and the weather can also change in a hurry, so don’t assume you’ll have perfect weather just because we’re had a run of nice days in a row. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan if wind, ice or snow make it impossible to put on a nice ceremony outside. Many of our venues like The Grand 1858 and The View have indoor/outdoor ceremony options, so we can plan for an outdoor wedding and quickly adjust to an indoor ceremony on the day of the wedding if the weather just won’t comply. Have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
  • Caterer Problems – A number of different issues can occur with your caterer, so it’s important to touch base with them regularly and ensure everything is on track for your wedding. Don’t just book a package and then assume everything is happening as expected six months later. Stay in contact with your caterer and have them let you know of any issues as soon as they come up. Oftentimes it’s much easier to choose a venue that has an in-house caterer so that food doesn’t need to be brought from off-site. At Entourage Events Group, we have in-house catering options created by some of the best chefs in the business. This helps ensure everything comes out on time, and communication with our on-site team is always a breeze.
  • Getting Ready Gaffs – A number of small problems can develop on the day of the wedding when the wedding party is getting ready for the ceremony. As we talked about in a previous blog about bride and groom suites, it’s helpful to choose a venue with on-site bride and groom suites where everyone can get ready in the same place. This ensures everyone is on time in one location instead of battling traffic to get downtown while in a suit or dress. Also, it’s helpful to have an amenities basket in the suites to help with any small issues. A phone charger, deodorant, hairspray, wet wipes, breath mints, band-aids and bobby pins are all great things to have in your bride and groom suites in case someone needs something in a pinch. Again, our venues offer on-site bride and groom suites to help with the preparation process.
  • Communicate Expectations – People want to help on your wedding day, but they need to know how they can be helpful, even if that just requires them being in a certain place at a certain time. While you can’t account for flat tires or car trouble, you can help to prevent timing issues by ensuring that everyone knows where they are supposed to be and at what time. Send out addresses with directions and expected arrival times. Keep everyone on the same page and even consider starting a group chat with important parties so that all important information is in one easy-to-access place.
  • Drinking And Driving – You don’t want your wedding day to be remembered as the day your uncle or the best man got a DUI, so make it easy for people to get home safely on the day of your wedding. Although the choice is ultimately up to them, give them some options to help them make the right choice. Many of our venues are within walking distance of spectacular hotels, we can provide the names of some wonderful shuttle services we’ve worked with in the past, or you can encourage guests to use one of a number of different ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft to get home safe. You can’t totally control this factor, but you can make it easier for your guests to get home safe after a night of fun.

If you want to help reduce the risk of the unexpected happening at your wedding, work with an event planning group like Entourage Events Group that can help to organize a number of different aspects of your wedding. We’ll help streamline the process, and we’ve seen and helped avoid a number of potential pitfalls on wedding days, so we know how to help you get through any minor issue that arises. For more information, or to set up an appointment to learn more about our venues, click here or give our team a call today at (612) 564-3777.

5 Tips For Catering Your Next Corporate Event

One of the easiest ways to increase attendance and keep people in a good mood at an event is to cater it with a carefully selected food and beverage menu. A perfectly catered event can enhance the whole atmosphere and help you reach your event goals, while a poorly catered event can have people talking for all the wrong reasons. So how can you ensure that your food and beverage services help create the perfect event? We share some tips for catering your next corporate event in today’s blog.

How To Cater Your Next Corporate Event

Here are some helpful catering tips to keep in mind if you’re trying to organize your next corporate event.

  1. Get A Headcount – You don’t want to run out of food or end up with piles of leftovers, so it’s important to try and get an accurate headcount. You can do this by selling a certain number of seats or tables, tracking ticket sales or requesting that your employees RSVP online ahead of the event. Knowing about how many people will attend is a great starting point as you start to plan how to cater the event.
  2. Know Your Budget – It’s also very helpful to know what type of budget constraints you’re working with. You may have a total event budget, but if you don’t know exactly how much is earmarked for food and beverages, it can really complicate things. Determine your catering budget so that you can easily work to stay within this limit.
  3. Consider An Events Group – Here’s where we’re going to toot our own horn a bit. Instead of trying to find outside vendors to bring food into your venue on the day of the event, connect with a full service event’s group like Entourage Events Group. We have a number of beautiful venues with on-site catering, and we can also assist with other aspects of your event, like music, lighting and decor. Working with one company for all your services helps you easily stay on budget and makes communication between parties much easier. We’ve helped cater massive corporate events and intimate company gatherings, so we know we can feed your group no matter the size.
  4. Develop A Menu – If you work with our team, you’ll be able to sit down with some of our culinary experts and develop the perfect menu for your event. We can show what’s worked best in the past and which dishes are crowd pleasers. If your event has a specific theme, we can also discuss how the menu can enhance this theme and set your event apart. We’ll do this with you to get the most out of your menu.
  5. The When And How – During the meeting with our culinary team, we can also go over arrangements and when food should arrive if you’ll have appetizers or beverage areas at your event. Consider when you want food to be available if you have speakers or awards. Picking the menu is only part of the equation, and we can ensure that other aspects like when food arrives, how it will be presented and where it will be placed aren’t overlooked.

If you keep these tips in mind, and you trust the catering to a team with a wealth of experience catering both small and large events, we know that your next corporate event will be a success. If you’re looking for a talented team in the Greater Twin cities area to help cater your next corporate gathering, look no further than the team at Entourage Events Group. Click here or give us a call at (612) 564-3777 for more information or to schedule a tour.

6 Tips For Organizing Your Bride & Groom Suites At Your Wedding Venue

When your big day finally arrives, you’re going to need a place to get ready before you and your spouse walk down the aisle and say your vows. Getting ready off site and then driving to your venue can cause issues for your arrival time, not to mention your hair and wardrobe. That’s why so many people look for a venue with on-site bride and groom suites.

But once you’ve picked a location with a bride and groom suite, what should you know about making sure the rooms are ready for you and your attendants on your wedding day? We share some tips for organizing and arraigning your bride and groom suite in today’s blog.

What To Have In Your Bride And Groom Suites

When you book one of our venues that has bride and groom suites, we’ll give you a tour of the area and walk you through some of the ways guests have utilized the space in the past. With that in mind, here are some helpful ideas for organizing your bride and groom suites on your wedding day.

  1. Snacks – Stock the room with some snacks so that people can easily grab something if they get hungry. With so much going on with hair, makeup and outfits, it can be easy to overlook eating like you normally would. Make sure your attendants aren’t doing everything on an empty stomach by bringing some snacks into each suite. Just be sure to avoid greasy or messy foods that could cause problems if one of your groomsmen is a sloppy eater!
  2. Hydrate – Similarly, make sure that your attendants can easily stay hydrated. Water is a great option, but others like to bring in coffee, especially if they are at the venue early in the morning to get their hair and makeup done. It’s going to be a long fun day, make sure you and your attendants are hydrated.
  3. Alcohol Is Your Choice – Nobody wants their attendants to be inebriated before the ceremony, but a number of our couples have done a light mimosa bar to help kick off the celebration. You know your attendants better than anyone, so use your best judgment when it comes to alcohol before the ceremony.
  4. Music – A little music can help set the mood for the day and help to calm any nerves. A bluetooth speaker and a smartphone are perfect additions to your bride and groom suites.
  5. An Amenities Basket – If you have an aunt or an in-law that really wants to help with the wedding but you’re unsure of what task to assign them, have them prepare a little amenities basket for the bride and groom suites. Have them stocked with useful tools that just might save the day in a pinch. Things like tissues, wet wipes, breath mints, a lint roller, bobby pins, tums, tampons, floss, moisturizer, band-aids and chapstick are great things to have on hand on your wedding day.
  6. Phone Charger – You probably won’t be on your phone much during your wedding, but your attendants may be snapping pictures, playing music or helping coordinate others, and that can drain a phone battery quickly. Bring a phone charger and let people know that it’s fair game to charge their phone while everyone is getting ready.

We want your wedding day to be perfect, and that starts before you say I do when you and your attendants are getting ready. Choose one of our stunning venues and get ready in our on-site bride and groom suites with ease. To get a glimpse of some of our bride and groom suites, click the link, and for more information about booking a venue or scheduling a tour, head on over to our contact page!

5 Tips for Marketing Your Next Corporate Event

Whether you’re planning on hosting a charity ball or fundraising gala, one thing you’re counting on is stellar attendance. The more people you can get who believe in your event or your vision, the better. But how can you sell the idea to others that your event is this month’s can’t miss event? In today’s blog, we share some tips for how you can market your next corporate event to increase turnout and hit your event goals.

Selling Others On Your Corporate Event

Below, we share some tips for effectively marketing your next event so that guests are excited about attending.

  1. Have Them Yearning To See Your Venue – When was the last time you were excited to attend an event because it was located at a hotel convention center? The event itself may have had some appeal, but the location likely left something to be desired. However, if you choose an appealing venue or a place with stunning spectacular views, people are going to want to attend just to see the space. A place like The Riverside or the Minneapolis Events Center can be transformed into a dazzling space that your guests will be excited about seeing in person. Let your venue be part of your event marketing strategy!
  2. Market The Menu! – If nothing else, let your guests know that they can enjoy indulgent appetizers, decadent desserts or tasteful five-course meal. Everyone loves looking forward to a great meal, and the team at Entourage Events can help to provide that. We have professional chefs who can create a menu that is perfect for whatever event you’re planning. Where there is food, people will gather, so let your guests know that you plan to feed them at your event, and let Entourage Events Group handle the cooking!
  3. Advance Notice – Make sure that you give your guests enough of a heads up so that they don’t already have plans on the night of your event. While we do have access to a number of great venues, availability tends to fill up fast, so arraigning an event on short notice isn’t something we do all that often. With that in mind, if you have a specific date that you absolutely want to have your event, we suggest that you book as far in advance as possible. This way you’ll be able to get the date you want, and your guests will be able to keep their schedule clear so they can attend your event.
  4. Spread The Word On Social – Make sure that you work to spread the word on social media. Design flyers or invites and share them on company or neighborhood social channels. The right type of event and invite can go viral in a matter of minutes, so while word of mouth is always helpful, word of your event can spread like wildfire if it catches the eye of the right people on social media.
  5. Raffles, Giveaways, Door Prizes – Everyone loves the idea of winning something, so find ways to entice people to come to your event with the opportunity of winning big! For charity events or fundraisers, 50-50 raffles and silent auctions work perfectly, as guests can take home prizes and contribute to a good cause. See if local businesses or charity partners would be willing to donate prizes that will have people wanting to show up to your event to see if they can get lucky.

We know that we can help your event hit your attendance goals, so let us be an asset in planning your next corporate event. For more information, or to learn more about booking your next corporate event, reach out to the team at Entourage Events Group today at (612) 564-3777.

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Menu

Your wedding is likely the only time when you and all of your closest friends and family will sit down and share a meal, so you want to make sure everything is perfect when it comes to planning and executing your wedding meal. That can prove trickier than expected, especially since you probably don’t have a lot of experience planning a meal for such a large group of people. So what are some of the best tips for planning your wedding menu, and how can you make sure the meal goes off without a hitch? We share some advice for creating the perfect wedding menu in today’s blog.

Developing Your Perfect Wedding Menu

There are a number of questions you’ll ask yourself throughout the process of planning your wedding, and oftentimes it’s extremely helpful to have an expert by your side to help provide some guidance for these decisions. Not only do we have expert chefs to prepare your dishes on the big day, but you can also sit down with our culinary team well in advance of your wedding to plan the perfect menu.

We’ll sit down with you and your future spouse, ask about your preferences, showcase some of our more popular dishes and really get to understand what type of experience you’re hoping to deliver with your menu. We’ll go over your hors d’oeuvres, your main course, your desserts and even your late night offerings if you want to feed your guests once more before the night ends. If there are certain flavors or dietary restrictions you want to accommodate, we’ll work with you during this consult to come up with a wonderful array of options that surpass your wishes and stay within your budget.

One unique offering that we have at our Elite Catering division is our food tasting experience. You and your spouse can attend a tasting session with a few other couples. Not only will you be able to sample your menu, but you’ll be able to taste the menus of other couples, so you can really see which dishes impress the most. If you want to switch things up or add something to your menu after our tasting experience, it’s not a problem. We offer these tasting menus so that you know what to expect on the day of your wedding and to expose you to some options that you may have not considered but now can’t live without.

Incredible Venues

Another benefit of going with Entourage Events Group and our Elite Catering division is that we can work in-house at all of our superb venues. You’re not catering in from another location or relying on a third party vendor. Everything is made in house with equipment our chefs are familiar with, ensuring that food is cooked exactly as designed and comes out perfectly on schedule.

And while we’d love it if you chose to have your wedding at one of our picturesque venues like The Grand 1858 or The View, we can bring our award winning menu options to you. Not only can we help you create a wonderful menu for your wedding or event, but our mobile team can come to you. The Kitchen is a fifty-three foot culinary masterpiece on wheels that can use state-of-the-art equipment to cater your next event. This interactive culinary experience is available for private events and can feed your guests wherever you’re hosting your next get-together.

So if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll have enough food for your wedding or what wines to pair with each entree, don’t be. Instead, sync up with a professional team of event planners who can help you develop the perfect menu to feed your crew. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a larger than life event, we have the team and the talent to bring your menu to life on your big day. To learn more about our catering options, or to talk to a member of our team about scheduling a walk through or meeting with our catering division, give us a call today at (612) 564-3777 or click here to visit our contact form.

4 Common Types of Corporate Events

At Entourage Events Group, we have a number of locations that are perfect for your next big event, be it a wedding or corporate event. And while most weddings have a similar theme and tempo to the day, corporate events can be for a wide variety of occasions and groups, so we’re always excited to help someone throw their first gala, tradeshow or appreciation event. So while corporate events oftentimes have more variation in theme and style, we wanted to use today’s blog to take a closer look at some of the more common types of corporate events we help host in the event you’re looking for a venue to host your next event.

Common Reasons For A Corporate Celebration

Here’s a look at some of the most common types of corporate events we help plan and execute at our breathtaking venues.

  1. Appreciation Events – Large organizations oftentimes like to honor and recognize the hard work and achievements of their employees, and many do this by organizing an appreciation event for their team. We have venues to host small, medium and very large companies, so we’re confident that we can find the right venue for your group. A branch of our events team is dedicated to AV production, so whether you want to have a corporate slideshow running during the event or give a speech that can be heard throughout the room, we can help ensure your employee appreciation event goes off without a hitch.
  2. Holiday Parties – Similarly, a number of corporate groups like to throw a holiday or end of the year party for their employees. What’s great about a holiday party is that you can really have fun with the theme of the event. Whether you’re going with a Winter Wonderland or a Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve celebration, we can help bring your event to life. Our decor specialists have an eye for design and can work with your team to showcase your theme and make your event unforgettable. To learn more about our design and decor options, head on over to this page.
  3. Fundraisers – Corporate fundraisers are also extremely popular in the Twin Cities. Fundraisers can be a great way to entertain a large group and raise funds for your next project or to help give back to your community. One way to ensure that you have a great turnout for your fundraiser is by feeding your guests, and once again our team can help with this important aspect of your event. We have a team of dedicated culinary artists that can help you develop the perfect menu options, and then we’ll take care of the cooking and catering on the big day. We’ll provide the generous helpings so that your guests will be a little more generous with their donations at your next fundraiser!
  4. Corporate Conferences – If your company has branches all over the world, it can be hard to get everyone together in one space, but you can help make this dream a reality with a corporate conference or convention. Many of our venues are located only a few miles from the airport near iconic hotels and scenic views, so your employees will be able to come to the Twin Cities and enjoy the conference with ease. Whether you’re a smaller company looking to get everyone on the same page as you install a new software system, or you’re a major company like ESPN planning a big event before the Super Bowl, we know that we have the venues and the production team to ensure your next corporate convention is a success.

These are just a few of the types of corporate events we help organize, but we’ve also helped produce galas, trade shows, launch parties and concerts, so no matter what type of event you’re planning, we know we can make sure that it’s just perfect. For more information, or for help with your next corporate event, reach out to the team at Entourage Events Group by calling (612) 564-3777 or clicking here.

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Wedding Floral Budget

Flowers are naturally beautiful, and many people use them to enhance their wedding or add a pop of color to their dinner tables at the reception hall. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is truly a work of art, but if you’re not careful, it’s easy for flowers to take up more of your budget than you anticipated. In today’s blog, we share some tips for maximizing your wedding floral budget and dazzling your guests with your floral displays.

Most people do not have a lot of experience ordering flowers for their wedding, bouquets for their bridesmaids or floral boutonnieres for their groomsmen. This is perfectly fine, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to develop a budget and a plan to maximize your floral arrangements. Here are some tips for doing just that.

1. Set A Budget

You’ll want to start working towards a floral budget early on in the process. You may have no idea how much flowers cost, which is why you’ll want to consult with one or two florists in your area. They can give you some pricing options based on your visions, and they can explain some of the ways couples work to stay within a budget. Start thinking about floral pieces you absolutely want and which ones you’d be fine skipping if brought up by your florist.

2. Go With Bigger Blooms

When ordering bouquets or centerpieces for your wedding, consider going with bigger blooms. You’ll need fewer flowers if they are bigger, and that cuts down on the amount and the variety of flowers your florist will need to order. Ask your florist about bigger blooms in specific colors that you are interested in and land on some options that reduce the total amount of flowers you’ll need.

3. Repurpose

Bridesmaid bouquets look great during pictures and when everyone is walking down the aisle, but after the ceremony they oftentimes don’t serve a purpose. Instead of just letting them sit on the head table until the end of the night, plan ways to repurpose them and add to the beauty of your venue. Use some as centerpieces or as a compliment to your dessert table. We’ve helped utilize bouquets into venue decor, and we can share some more ways to specifically repurpose some floral arrangements into your big day.

4. Let The Florist Create

Instead of micromanaging every detail of the flowers, give some basic ideas to the florist and let their professionalism and creativity come to life. Know that some flowers are expensive, especially out of season, so don’t be overly strict with your desires if you want to make it easier to stay within budget. Florists oftentimes prefer creating within a budget instead of trying to bring to life something specific that someone has in their head without consideration of cost. Tell your florist your budget and ask how they would work to create amazing floral arrangements within that range.

5. Work With A Production Team

At Entourage Events Group, we have a division of our production company that focuses solely on event design and decor. We can work with your florist and the couple to use our decorations and stylings to match and accentuate floral arrangements. You can spend a lot less on flowers when you let a production team help style and decorate the reception hall with their bevy of stylings and furniture pieces that compliment your floral arrangements.

To learn more about how our team can work with your florist to create an eye-appealing venue that showcases your floral arrangements, reach out to the team at Entourage Events Group today.

5 Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Next Corporate Event

If you’ve been tasked with helping organize your company’s next corporate event, one of the first things you’ll probably work to understand is the financial constraints you’ll have to consider. Nobody wants their event to go over budget, and you want to be smart about how you maximize your funds to ensure the event is as successful as possible. Finding ways to save money and stretch your budget when corporate event planning is key. But what is the best way to do this? What areas should you absolutely allocate funds towards, and where can you work to save a few bucks? In today’s blog, we share five smart ways you can save money when planning your next corporate event.

1. Choose A Picturesque Venue

You might think that venue location is where you can work to cut costs, but choosing a bland venue may mean that you really need to ratchet up the costs for decorations. You can minimize decoration costs by choosing a venue that is already beautiful on its own. A venue like The Riverside or The Palace Theater require minimal decorations because they offer stunning views and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Let the natural beauty of the venue help you save on decor costs.

2. Avoid Peak Times And Seasons

You may want to have your company holiday party as close to Christmas as possible, but oftentimes these high-demand times will be more expensive. If you can push your event to a Friday in late January instead of a Saturday in December, you may be able to save on venue costs. Talk to your venue to see if certain times or dates are cheaper.

3. RSVPs

The catering bill will make up a significant portion of your budget, and while nobody wants to have too little food at an event, if you drastically overestimate attendance, you can get stuck with a major food bill and a lot of uneaten appetizers. Selling discounted tickets can encourage people to buy their tickets earlier and make it easier to get an accurate headcount, or you can request that people RSVP with their guests so that you can gauge attendance and plan your food options accordingly.

4. Read The Contracts Carefully

When we’re working with guests who are booking one of our venues, we always set aside time to sit down with them and go over the contract in detail. This way they understand what they are signing, there are no surprises, and guests can ask for clarification or get answers to any questions they may have before signing. Some contracts have added fees if all guests aren’t gone by a certain time or if you don’t clean up your decor quickly enough, so don’t go over budget because you get hit with a surprise bill when the event is over. We work with each client to ensure we help them stay within their budget by understanding the contract they are signing.

5. Streamline Everything

Finally, one great way to save money and ensure everything goes off as planned is to streamline as much of the event as possible. For example, at Entourage Events Group, not only do we help book amazing venues, but we have divisions within our group that can provide catering, decor, lighting, design, music and more. You’ll work with one group instead of trying to get one company to cater the event, another to provide the sound system and another to help decorate your event. Streamlining the process with a production company saves on costs and makes everything run smoothly.

So if you want help making sure you throw a wonderful event within budget, consider reaching out to the team at Entourage Events Group. For more information on what we can offer and how we can help you throw the perfect corporate event, give our team a call today at (612) 564-3777 or click here to schedule a tour online.

3 Things Your Wedding Guests Really Care About (And 3 Things They Don’t)

Everyone wants to make sure that their guests have a great time at their wedding, but sometimes we overvalue and undervalue what really does and doesn’t matter to our guests. And while it’s true that everyone has different opinions, we’ve helped throw countless weddings, so we think we have a pretty good handle on what guests really tend to appreciate and what gestures can sometimes miss the mark. In today’s blog, we share three things that will really resonate with your guests, and three things you shouldn’t lose sleep over.

3 Things Your Wedding Guests Really Care About

Here’s a look at some of the things that really help create an enjoyable and memorable experience for all the right reasons for your guests.

  1. Great Food – The quality of the food you serve will oftentimes stick with your guests for a while. Impeccable food will have them raving about your menu, whereas food that falls short of expectations can really sour the night. At Entourage Events Group, our catering division holds itself to a very high standard and strives to surpass expectations with every dish we create. We’ve created unique menus for small luncheons or huge corporate fundraisers, so we know how to effectively and creatively feed any size group you bring with you. We also work directly with the bride and groom to develop a menu with their tastes, preferences and accommodations in mind so that everything comes together perfectly on your wedding day.
  2. The Atmosphere – One interesting thing we’ve noted from guests is that a lot of wedding venues seem to blend together, so you really have an opportunity to make your venue stand out from the rest and make a lasting positive impression on your guests. It’s not easy to breathe life into a venue and create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, especially since you probably don’t have extensive experience planning a wedding, but we do. We can create a memorable atmosphere with creative lighting, unique furniture and table arrangements, eye-appealing decorations and the perfect stereo system to ensure speeches and music can be heard by all guests. Our event’s team can help create an atmosphere that most guests won’t realize they’ve been missing out on until they see it firsthand at your wedding.
  3. A Lack Of Waiting – One final thing that guests seem to care about, or complain about when things aren’t going quickly, is the amount of waiting they do. Appetizers should be readily available, dinner should be served efficiently, guests shouldn’t be waiting 10 minutes for a drink at the bar, and there should never be a line for the bathroom. When choosing a venue and a staff to help take care of your reception, you need to know that they have the size and the facilities to efficiently handle the needs of your group. We have a wealth of experience ensuring food comes out right on schedule and staffing the bar throughout the night so that drinks are served quickly and guests can get back to the party. If you want your night to run smoothly behind the scenes, trust it to a full service events team like Entourage Events Group.

3 Things Your Guests Don’t Really Care About

Quickly, we’re also going to touch on three things that your guests typically don’t care about as much as most people think that they do. That’s not to say they aren’t important parts of your wedding day, but don’t overstress about certain aspects that aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Here are three things that won’t make or break your guest’s experience:

  1. The Wedding Favors – Wedding favors can be a cute way to celebrate a couple, but dozens of favors end up left on tables at the end of the night. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect wedding favor.
  2. The Seating Chart – Some people love organizing their seating chart, while others dread it. If you’re not exactly looking forward to it, just remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, it oftentimes doesn’t matter to guests. There’s plenty of time for people to socialize with certain friends or family members outside of dinner, and switching things up with the seating chart can help people get to know others who are important to you. Don’t overthink the seating chart, because it will work out however you arraign it.
  3. The Cake – To most people, cake is cake. You don’t need to go crazy with an overpriced multi-tiered marbled wedding cake simply because you think that’s just what everyone does. You might want a small cake to cut with your new spouse, but don’t sweat a larger decorative cake for your guests if you don’t want to. People will care way more about taste than visual appeal!

For help pulling off a memorable wedding that will have your guests talking about your big day for years, trust the planning and execution to a full service event’s company like Entourage Events Group. Click here to read testimonials from satisfied customers, or head on over to our contact page to learn more about scheduling a tour and meeting our team!

5 Benefits of Hiring a Production Team For Your Next Corporate Event

Many companies want to host the perfect fundraising gala or employee appreciation night, but throwing an event of that magnitude doesn’t come easy, especially if your staff have limited experience organizing an event. If you want your next event to be bigger and better than anything you’ve held in the past, don’t leave the organization up to chance. Trust it to a team of professionals whose sole mission is to help clients throw the perfect event. Still on the fence about outsourcing the event planning? Below, we explain everything you’ll get if you let us help throw your next corporate event.

Is Hiring An Event Production Team Worth It?

Some people are hesitant to hire an outside company to help facilitate the event planning because they think they can handle it themselves, or because they assume they can get by without the expense of hiring an outside team. What they don’t realize is how much value an event planning company can bring to their event. A perfectly executed event can drum up more business or lead to more fundraising donations than if your event runs into some issues along the way.

  1. Bringing Your Vision To Life – You probably have a vision for how the night will look, but how can you go about bringing that vision to life? We specialize in helping decorate and theme our venues to your vision. From the layout of the tables and furniture to the lighting, staging and sound system, we’ll help to plan your event and ensure that we can bring all of your ideas to life exactly like you imagined it.
  2. Stay Within Your Budget – You probably have a budget in mind for your event, but you’re probably not familiar with reasonable costs for certain services. We’ve helped plan countless events and know the ballpark prices of a wealth of services and add-ons, so we can help you get a better idea of how to best allocate your budget. We also thrive working within the confines of a budget, so if you let us know your budget, we’ll sit down with you and show you how we can help pull off the perfect event without breaking the bank.
  3. On-Site Visits – The best way to really bring your event vision to life is to travel to the site and talk about the details where you can visualize the space and really plan how you’d like to utilize different areas. We meet our clients on site and talk with them about how we’ve utilized different spaces in the past, how they envision their setup, and how we can accommodate their wishes. It’s so much easier to execute an event when you’re meeting with a planning team on site prior to your event.
  4. Additional Services – EDG Productions is a branch of Entourage Events Group, which specializes in full-service event planning. We have venue spaces, world-class catering options, lighting, decor, staging, bar and beverage options and audio/visual technology to bring your event to life. We can help feed your guests or provide you with a podium and sound system to address attendees all at once to deliver a message. There’s so much more that goes into event planning than simply having a large enough space to accommodate everyone, and we have the means to provide those services that take an event to the next level.
  5. Streamline Everything – When you go with a full service event planning company, you have one point of contact for all your services. You’re not trying to track down a DJ from one company, two different caterers and a staging company all at once to ensure everything comes together as planned. One thing we offer to all our clients is a final meeting with all partners and vendors to ensure everything is on track to go exactly as planned. This way everyone is on the same page and expectations are understood prior to the event.

In all honesty, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll receive if you turn to EDG Productions and Entourage Events Group for your next corporate event. If you want even more proof that we can help you throw a one-of-a-kind event, just take a look at our previous work because we think it speaks for itself.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you organize your next corporate event, fill out this short contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Let us show you how we can make your next event the best yet. You can also give our team a call at (612) 564-3777 for more information.

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