Desserts at Corporate Event at Minneapolis Event Centers

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One of the easiest ways to increase attendance and keep people in a good mood at an event is to cater it with a carefully selected food and beverage menu. A perfectly catered event can enhance the whole atmosphere and help you reach your event goals, while a poorly catered event can have people talking for all the wrong reasons. So how can you ensure that your food and beverage services help create the perfect event? We share some tips for catering your next corporate event in today’s blog.

How To Cater Your Next Corporate Event

Here are some helpful catering tips to keep in mind if you’re trying to organize your next corporate event.

  1. Get A Headcount – You don’t want to run out of food or end up with piles of leftovers, so it’s important to try and get an accurate headcount. You can do this by selling a certain number of seats or tables, tracking ticket sales or requesting that your employees RSVP online ahead of the event. Knowing about how many people will attend is a great starting point as you start to plan how to cater the event.
  2. Know Your Budget – It’s also very helpful to know what type of budget constraints you’re working with. You may have a total event budget, but if you don’t know exactly how much is earmarked for food and beverages, it can really complicate things. Determine your catering budget so that you can easily work to stay within this limit.
  3. Consider An Events Group – Here’s where we’re going to toot our own horn a bit. Instead of trying to find outside vendors to bring food into your venue on the day of the event, connect with a full service event’s group like Entourage Events Group. We have a number of beautiful venues with on-site catering, and we can also assist with other aspects of your event, like music, lighting and decor. Working with one company for all your services helps you easily stay on budget and makes communication between parties much easier. We’ve helped cater massive corporate events and intimate company gatherings, so we know we can feed your group no matter the size.
  4. Develop A Menu – If you work with our team, you’ll be able to sit down with some of our culinary experts and develop the perfect menu for your event. We can show what’s worked best in the past and which dishes are crowd pleasers. If your event has a specific theme, we can also discuss how the menu can enhance this theme and set your event apart. We’ll do this with you to get the most out of your menu.
  5. The When And How – During the meeting with our culinary team, we can also go over arrangements and when food should arrive if you’ll have appetizers or beverage areas at your event. Consider when you want food to be available if you have speakers or awards. Picking the menu is only part of the equation, and we can ensure that other aspects like when food arrives, how it will be presented and where it will be placed aren’t overlooked.

If you keep these tips in mind, and you trust the catering to a team with a wealth of experience catering both small and large events, we know that your next corporate event will be a success. If you’re looking for a talented team in the Greater Twin cities area to help cater your next corporate gathering, look no further than the team at Entourage Events Group. Click here or give us a call at (612) 564-3777 for more information or to schedule a tour.

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