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Everyone wants to make sure that their guests have a great time at their wedding, but sometimes we overvalue and undervalue what really does and doesn’t matter to our guests. And while it’s true that everyone has different opinions, we’ve helped throw countless weddings, so we think we have a pretty good handle on what guests really tend to appreciate and what gestures can sometimes miss the mark. In today’s blog, we share three things that will really resonate with your guests, and three things you shouldn’t lose sleep over.

3 Things Your Wedding Guests Really Care About

Here’s a look at some of the things that really help create an enjoyable and memorable experience for all the right reasons for your guests.

  1. Great Food – The quality of the food you serve will oftentimes stick with your guests for a while. Impeccable food will have them raving about your menu, whereas food that falls short of expectations can really sour the night. At Entourage Events Group, our catering division holds itself to a very high standard and strives to surpass expectations with every dish we create. We’ve created unique menus for small luncheons or huge corporate fundraisers, so we know how to effectively and creatively feed any size group you bring with you. We also work directly with the bride and groom to develop a menu with their tastes, preferences and accommodations in mind so that everything comes together perfectly on your wedding day.
  2. The Atmosphere – One interesting thing we’ve noted from guests is that a lot of wedding venues seem to blend together, so you really have an opportunity to make your venue stand out from the rest and make a lasting positive impression on your guests. It’s not easy to breathe life into a venue and create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, especially since you probably don’t have extensive experience planning a wedding, but we do. We can create a memorable atmosphere with creative lighting, unique furniture and table arrangements, eye-appealing decorations and the perfect stereo system to ensure speeches and music can be heard by all guests. Our event’s team can help create an atmosphere that most guests won’t realize they’ve been missing out on until they see it firsthand at your wedding.
  3. A Lack Of Waiting – One final thing that guests seem to care about, or complain about when things aren’t going quickly, is the amount of waiting they do. Appetizers should be readily available, dinner should be served efficiently, guests shouldn’t be waiting 10 minutes for a drink at the bar, and there should never be a line for the bathroom. When choosing a venue and a staff to help take care of your reception, you need to know that they have the size and the facilities to efficiently handle the needs of your group. We have a wealth of experience ensuring food comes out right on schedule and staffing the bar throughout the night so that drinks are served quickly and guests can get back to the party. If you want your night to run smoothly behind the scenes, trust it to a full service events team like Entourage Events Group.

3 Things Your Guests Don’t Really Care About

Quickly, we’re also going to touch on three things that your guests typically don’t care about as much as most people think that they do. That’s not to say they aren’t important parts of your wedding day, but don’t overstress about certain aspects that aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Here are three things that won’t make or break your guest’s experience:

  1. The Wedding Favors – Wedding favors can be a cute way to celebrate a couple, but dozens of favors end up left on tables at the end of the night. Don’t worry too much about finding the perfect wedding favor.
  2. The Seating Chart – Some people love organizing their seating chart, while others dread it. If you’re not exactly looking forward to it, just remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, it oftentimes doesn’t matter to guests. There’s plenty of time for people to socialize with certain friends or family members outside of dinner, and switching things up with the seating chart can help people get to know others who are important to you. Don’t overthink the seating chart, because it will work out however you arraign it.
  3. The Cake – To most people, cake is cake. You don’t need to go crazy with an overpriced multi-tiered marbled wedding cake simply because you think that’s just what everyone does. You might want a small cake to cut with your new spouse, but don’t sweat a larger decorative cake for your guests if you don’t want to. People will care way more about taste than visual appeal!

For help pulling off a memorable wedding that will have your guests talking about your big day for years, trust the planning and execution to a full service event’s company like Entourage Events Group. Click here to read testimonials from satisfied customers, or head on over to our contact page to learn more about scheduling a tour and meeting our team!

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