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Sustainability has been a hot button topic in recent years, and companies are always looking for new ways to “go green” and help build a better world for future generations. Your company may have some green initiatives this year, and those goals may also extend to any corporate events you arrange this year. In today’s blog, we share some tips for going green and promoting sustainability at your next corporate event.

Tips For Going Green with Your Corporate Event

Having an environmentally friendly event is great for our planet, but it can also help to improve attendance or fundraising efforts because people may be more likely to participate with a company that wants to make a better world for tomorrow. So if you want to help the planet and have a more successful event, consider these five tips for making your next corporate event greener.

  1. Paperless Invites – Paper invites can be expensive and time consuming, and they also come at the expense of trees. In today’s day and age, digital invites are much greener and make it a lot easier for your guests to quickly RSVP. If you have to have things printed on paper, consider a green option or try to cut down on paper consumption by printing on both sides. Digital invites are better for the environment and can make it easy to track attendance with ease.
  2. Choosing Your Caterer – When you’re considering your catering options, consider asking the caterer about their sustainability efforts. At Entourage Events Group, we can create a menu suited to your wishes, and a number of our options involve local organic ingredients and are from sustainable vendors. We can also help with the setup for your meal to help keep it as sustainable as possible. Whether that involves compostable utensils and dishes, paper straws or simply donating leftovers to a local shelter, we’ll work with you to ensure your meal is sustainably driven.
  3. Your Decorations – We can also use a similar approach when helping to design and decorate your event. Another division of Entourage Events Group is focused on design and decor, and we have a number of green options for your next event. We love getting creative with design options and avoiding traditional paper signage that just end up in the trash bin after the event. We can use furniture, lighting and other sustainable decor to create a one-of-a-kind event that is eco-conscious while still meeting the demands of your theme.
  4. Your Venue – At Entourage Events Group, we have a number of picturesque venues to choose from, and many of them come with some eco-conscious amenities. We have some energy-efficient venues that are close to public transportation options to help make it easier for attendees to show up without everyone driving on their own. We also work to reduce waste wherever we can and recycle at every opportunity. To learn more about how our venues can help meet your sustainability goals, reach out at set up a tour today.
  5. Work Hard To Get An Accurate Headcount – In order to cut down on waste, it’s important to get an accurate headcount on how many guests you’ll have at your event. We understand that you always want to have enough food for everyone who attends, but grossly overestimating how much food and supplies you’ll need contributes to unnecessary waste. We have helped organize events of all different sizes and can help guide you to the right amount of food and beverages you might need to help reduce waste. We just need you to come with an accurate number of attendees, which again speaks to the importance of using digital invites to record and track attendance changes.

So if you want to help build a better tomorrow while also throwing a wonderful corporate event, consider syncing up with the team at Entourage Events Group. To learn more about our green initiatives or how we can help your event make sustainability a theme, give our team a call today at (612) 564-3777.

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