How To Create The Perfect Wedding Menu

Your wedding is likely the only time when you and all of your closest friends and family will sit down and share a meal, so you want to make sure everything is perfect when it comes to planning and executing your wedding meal. That can prove trickier than expected, especially since you probably don’t have a lot of experience planning a meal for such a large group of people. So what are some of the best tips for planning your wedding menu, and how can you make sure the meal goes off without a hitch? We share some advice for creating the perfect wedding menu in today’s blog.

Developing Your Perfect Wedding Menu

There are a number of questions you’ll ask yourself throughout the process of planning your wedding, and oftentimes it’s extremely helpful to have an expert by your side to help provide some guidance for these decisions. Not only do we have expert chefs to prepare your dishes on the big day, but you can also sit down with our culinary team well in advance of your wedding to plan the perfect menu.

We’ll sit down with you and your future spouse, ask about your preferences, showcase some of our more popular dishes and really get to understand what type of experience you’re hoping to deliver with your menu. We’ll go over your hors d’oeuvres, your main course, your desserts and even your late night offerings if you want to feed your guests once more before the night ends. If there are certain flavors or dietary restrictions you want to accommodate, we’ll work with you during this consult to come up with a wonderful array of options that surpass your wishes and stay within your budget.

One unique offering that we have at our Elite Catering division is our food tasting experience. You and your spouse can attend a tasting session with a few other couples. Not only will you be able to sample your menu, but you’ll be able to taste the menus of other couples, so you can really see which dishes impress the most. If you want to switch things up or add something to your menu after our tasting experience, it’s not a problem. We offer these tasting menus so that you know what to expect on the day of your wedding and to expose you to some options that you may have not considered but now can’t live without.

Incredible Venues

Another benefit of going with Entourage Events Group and our Elite Catering division is that we can work in-house at all of our superb venues. You’re not catering in from another location or relying on a third party vendor. Everything is made in house with equipment our chefs are familiar with, ensuring that food is cooked exactly as designed and comes out perfectly on schedule.

And while we’d love it if you chose to have your wedding at one of our picturesque venues like The Grand 1858 or The View, we can bring our award winning menu options to you. Not only can we help you create a wonderful menu for your wedding or event, but our mobile team can come to you. The Kitchen is a fifty-three foot culinary masterpiece on wheels that can use state-of-the-art equipment to cater your next event. This interactive culinary experience is available for private events and can feed your guests wherever you’re hosting your next get-together.

So if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll have enough food for your wedding or what wines to pair with each entree, don’t be. Instead, sync up with a professional team of event planners who can help you develop the perfect menu to feed your crew. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a larger than life event, we have the team and the talent to bring your menu to life on your big day. To learn more about our catering options, or to talk to a member of our team about scheduling a walk through or meeting with our catering division, give us a call today at (612) 564-3777 or click here to visit our contact form.