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Oftentimes one of the more memorable aspects of a wedding reception is the meal that accompanies the toasts and the celebration of the newlyweds. You want your wedding to stand out for all the right reasons, but if there’s an issue with the food or drinks, it’s easy for that to become the focus of the evening.

At Entourage Events Group, we pride ourselves on providing a one-of-a-kind catering service, so much so that we created an entire division dedicated to the craft – Elite Catering. In today’s blog, our catering team shares some ways you can use your food and beverage menu to make your meal a dish to remember, and some of the ways our team can go above and beyond to ensure all your food and drink expectations are surpassed.

Setting Your Wedding About With Food And Drinks

Here’s a look at some of the ways we make the dining experience a unique and memorable part of your wedding.

  • Your Bar, Your Way – Regardless of whether you’re hosting a pre-reception or cocktail hour, you’re going to want to provide a way for your guests to stay refreshed and hydrated. What’s great about our venues like The Grand 1858, The View or any of our venues is that you can put your own personal touch on the bar and the beverages. We can personalize some bar stations or match them to your decor so that they feel ingrained in your event. You can work with our team to feature a signature cocktail, create your own fused water station or host a perfectly-timed coffee bar once the meal and desserts have been served.
  • Culinary Creation – Our culinary team has years of professional experience and a wide range of diverse backgrounds and palettes to bring the right flavor to your wedding. We work directly with each couple to develop a one-of-a-kind menu that you won’t find at most standard venues. You won’t just get to pick between chicken or steak, you’ll be able to work with master chefs to create your own unique menu suited to your personal style.
  • Dazzle With Desserts – We are constantly looking for creative ways to go above and beyond with our dessert offerings, and we’re confident that we can find something to dazzle your guests. Does a donut display interest you? How about a decadent cupcake spread? Maybe individually-crafted desserts are more your style, or how about a Build Your Own S’Mores station? If you’ve got a dessert in mind, not only can we create them in-house, but we can wow with how they are presented to your guests.
  • Late Night Cravings – After some time breaking it down on the dance floor, your guests may be looking for a late night snack to hold them over until the night ends. We can ensure nobody leaves hungry with our array of late-night offerings. Whether it’s carnival-style popcorn, a Baravian pretzel cart or just delicious homemade pizzas, we can ensure your late night cravings menu is on point.
  • One Stop Shop – Finally, one thing that sets Elite Catering apart from other caters is how easy it is to communicate and plan all aspects of the catering side of your wedding. You’re not trying to chase down vendors or hope they call you back, because we’re a division within Entourage Events Group. When you streamline your venue, your decorations, the catering and the entertainment all through one events group, nothing falls through the cracks and you have one easy source as a point of contact. Simplify the catering process by choosing an in-house option like Elite Catering.

The food and drinks at your wedding will be a shared experience for all your guests, so make sure it surpasses all expectations by trusting the event catering to a team known for one-of-a-kind experiences. To learn more about how we can set your wedding apart with our food and beverage creations, to see a larger portfolio of our previous success stories, or to learn more about getting a quote for your wedding, click here or give our team a call today at (612) 564-3777.

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