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For many couples, their wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and when viewed through this lens, it can be easy for expenses to add up in a hurry. No matter who you are, nobody wants to overpay for services or have unneeded expenses on their wedding day, so even if you plan to be pretty flexible with your budget, it pays to look for some ways to cut costs at your wedding. Below, we share six smart ways you can have the wedding of your dreams and save a little money in the process.

Tips For Saving Money When Wedding Planning

As we mentioned above, you can still have a picture perfect wedding while also keeping costs in mind. Here are somes of the ways smart couples look to cut down on unnecessary expenses when planning their wedding.

  1. Digital RSVPs – Most people still send out invitations through the mail, but you can get creative with your RSVPs to save a little money. Instead of paying for postage for your return RSVPs, direct your guests to a website where they can instantly and easily let you know if they can attend your wedding. If you want to get really fancy in the digital age, put a QR code on the invitation that takes guests directly to your RSVP page.
  2. Rent Your Bridesmaid Dresses – This tip will help your closest friends and family save a little money as they celebrate your big day. Instead of having your bridesmaids buy a specific dress for your wedding, consider having them rent a designer dress for a fraction of the cost of buying it outright. Places like Rent the Runway and Le Tote can provide fashionable designer dresses at a much smaller cost.
  3. Reuse Bouquets – As we talked about in this piece on how to maximize your floral budget, consider reusing your bridesmaid bouquets as decorations for your wedding. Use them as amazing centerpieces or to compliment the dessert table to cut down on floral expenses. Your florist worked hard on those bouquets, so show them off!
  4. In-House Catering – Oftentimes it’s cheaper and easier to go with an on-site catering company as opposed to bringing in food from off-site. At Entourage Events Group, a number of our premier wedding venues have on-site catering that can ensure everything is prepared as expected and on time. When working with an in-house caterer, there will be no surprises when the final bill comes.
  5. Outsource The Decor – We’re going to toot our own horn again simply because decor is an area where you can save money if you’re smart. Instead of buying a bunch of decorations that you’ll use once and then try to resell for a fraction of the cost on Facebook Marketplace, consider renting your decorations or hiring an event’s company like Entourage Events Group to decorate your wedding. We have tons of beautiful decorations that you can pick from, and best of all we’ll handle setup and take down, so your family and friends don’t have to try to decorate your venue on the day of the wedding.
  6. Plan In Advance – Oftentimes the sooner you need something, the more it’s going to cost you. Don’t put off finding a florist or a baker for your cake until your wedding is a month or two away. Shopping around when time is on your side usually helps you make an informed and budget-conscious decision instead of being handcuffed because you are running out of time.

If you do these six things and streamline the wedding planning process by hiring an event’s group like Entourage Events Group, we’re confident that you’ll have a spectacular wedding that won’t end up costing you an arm and a leg. For more information or to set up a tour of one of our venues, reach out to our team today at (612) 564-3777.

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