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Weddings tend to follow a pretty traditional structure, with a ceremony, meal, reception and dancing, so it’s important to find ways to put your own personal touch on your big day. But what are some ways that you can personalize your wedding day so that it truly feels special and unique to you and your spouse? In today’s blog, we look at five ways you can insert some personal touches into your wedding day.

Personalizing Your Wedding Day

Here’s a few ways you can help your wedding feel a little more personal.

  1. Get Married By Someone Special To You – Let a friend or family member that is special to you and your spouse perform the marriage ceremony. As we’ve talked about on the blog in the past, it’s relatively easy to get ordained in Minnesota, and they’ll be able to add some personal touches to the ceremony that a professional you’re not all that familiar with won’t be able to. Talk about it with your fiance and see if there is a friend or family member who would consider performing the marriage ceremony.
  2. Musical Choices – Are there certain songs that are special to you and your future spouse? Does your family always play a couple of the same songs at every wedding? Sit down with your DJ and go over some of the must play songs for your reception, and really consider which songs you want to play during parts of your ceremony. Choose something that is special to you and your fiance.
  3. The Decor – A division of Entourage Events Group is dedicated to design and decor, so we can help breathe some personality into your ceremony and reception through decor and design. We can match colors to your theme or incorporate cultural elements into the decor so that the venue feels unique to the couple. Our design team will sit down with you well in advance of your wedding to help go over some design options and share some ideas for how we can help bring out your personality through our decor.
  4. The Menu – You can also celebrate your roots or show off your adventurous personality through your meal options. Whether you’re a traveler who wants their guests to sample some of your favorite dishes around the world, or you just want to showcase your heritage through some food choices that honor your culture, we can help find a menu that feels personal to you and your spouse. Our professional culinary team is more than happy to sit down with you and craft the perfect personalized menu.
  5. Drinks – Finally, if you want to get creative with your menu offerings without touching the main course, personalizing your drink menu is an easy and fun way to put a personal twist on the evening. You can put the bride and groom’s favorite cocktail on the menu, or we can offer some drinks that are favorites of the family. Our bartenders will enjoy the challenge of creating a cocktail or drink menu that has some extra meaning for the couple, so start thinking about how you can personalize your day through your beverage offerings.

For more tips on how you can personalize your wedding, or for help planning your big day, reach out to the team at Entourage Events Group today at (612) 564-3777.

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